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Professional Growth

Includes Resume that will be optimized for best search results

$99 (special $75) or 3 payments of $39

An updated resume is a must as our nation rebounds toward economic recovery. Available positions go quickly and so you must to be prepared for an opportunity at a moment’s notice. If you haven’t had your resume updated in a couple of years, call us!

Career Boost

Packaged to suit your needs. Includes Resume, Cover letter, & two revisions

$189 or 2 payments of $99

Formatted for success – Get Employer’s attention

Keyword Optimized – Your resume will pass through Applicant Tracking

Cover letter – Employers are 40% more likely to read a resume with a cover letter

Career Guidance                                                      

Packaged to include Career Evolution, and NOW Coaching.

$99 per hour

Know where you’re heading, Make a change or Accelerate

Interviewing Techniques                                           $99 (special $75 per hour)

Ace your next Interview – Know the commonly asked Questions and how to respond

The Executive 

Designed for the leader. Includes LinkedIn & 48-hour delivery

$349 or 4 payments of $99

Formatted for success to get Employer’s attention

Keyword Optimized – Your resume will pass through Applicant Tracking

Cover letter – Employers are 40% more likely to read a resume with a cover letter

LinkedIn Makeover – 97% of employers use LinkedIn

48-hour turnaround – Your first draft will be ready in two days


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Cameron Calder & Associates Career Coaching Services offers strategic resume development along with critical career coaching, in order to meet all of your career management needs. All documents, conversations and information exchanged are confidential and each resume package is developed to meet your specific career goals and needs.

The process has been developed to keep it as simple and stress-free as possible for you. It begins with you contacting us via email or phone call 954-495-1644. Our first conversation will focus on where you are now, what you are now looking for, and what you’ve done to this point to forward your job search.

We will also provide you with an understanding of how the process works; and we’ll have a conversation to make sure your needs and our offerings are a good fit and that both have been clearly established. If we agree on working together, we are ready to get started.

Payment is due before the process begins and then we will collect additional information from you using an in-depth Client Intake Worksheet and also a phone interview to make sure we glean all of the critical information needed for an attention-grabbing resume.

When we have all of the information needed to create a custom resume and cover letter we will begin writing to assist you with the project, chosen according to their writing specialty and the field / position you are targeting. All documents will be reviewed thoroughly before the completed package is sent to you to ensure the highest quality in resume development and customer service.

The documents will be returned to you within 7 to 10 business days, after which we will work with you to complete any revisions. 

During the project we will work with you to provide answers to questions and share resources that could benefit your search.





Being confident about your interviewing abilities is half the battle of landing an interview and having an offer delivered. We will focus on preparation and tools to improve you before, during, and after interview. We will improve strategies for answering the expected and unexpected questions.

Includes research techniques, salary negotiations, follow up and more. This process is usually completed in 2 coaching sessions.
**See Resume Services if interested in having a LinkedIn Profile developed – a must have in today’s declining labor market.

If you haven’t had to look for a job in many years or are just getting started and not sure where to begin, you have come to the right place. Here you will realize the many job search tools and resources available to succeed in your job search and bring your network into focused. We will work on ways to research positions, companies, geographical locations and industries to help you find the jobs that fit your goals. This process is usually completed in 2 coaching sessions.

You have control over what is discovered about you online. The online presence coaching will help you to discover how to use the internet to ensure the information found is helpful and is focused to match your current job search and to be found by those looking for someone with your skills. We will cover techniques to strategically deploy your value, skills, and achievements online, which will be sure to capture employer attention. We will review your LinkedIn profile to steer readers toward the right information and decision about you. This is usually a 2 hour coaching process.


Resume and career services
Career coaching is a partnership that focuses on the client’s need for understanding their career needs and goals, and the process of a well-defined job search. Discovery and exploration using assessments, tools and coaching will help clients gain clarity and a plan to achieve their career goals towards their professional and personal development.
When clarity is revealed on the right career path, we can continue with coaching and move into the development of a job search plan. Coaching can include online presence, interview preparation, job search strategies and network management.

While coaching is used a majority of the time, as we navigate through the career management path there will be times when consulting, advising, instruction and education are implemented to inform clients of opportunities, processes, tools and resources that can be vital in a successful job search.

Both coaching and consulting will be used during the journey to provide clients with everything they need to garner an effective job search. Preparation forms and materials will be sent out and returned completed before each session to ensure the coaching sessions will be productive.
   Don’t Go It Alone

    We are here to help!

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954.495.1644 or 754.216.1040